"Soroptimist" is derived from two Latin words, "soror" meaning sister and "optima" meaning "best". It stands for "women at their best helping others to be their best".

Education Assistance

Scenario 1 -imagine the plight of the children from financially challenged backgrounds - the average number of students in a class in Malaysia is 50. Studies have proven that approximately 10% of the students in class are unable to keep up with class work and unless they attend tuition or are coached, they will lag behind in their schoolwork

Scenario 2 –the refugee children at our sponsored homes are not allowed to enter the normal schools. There is a need to provide some basic schooling for these children through some form of Home Schooling conducted at these Homes.

Scenario 3 - for the weaker students, remedial classes and English classes were considered necessary to give them a lift in their studies especially during exam years

Remedial English Program At
Pusat Tuisyen Elite Maju –
Under The J.P. Morgan SID
Education Assist Program.

SI Damansara in collaboration with
Toastmasters TTDI at the
YWCA – VTOC English
speaking program.

English story telling at
Assunta Children's Society.

News highlights

LifeSkills4Youth Work Readiness Program. We have trained a total of 26 groups of financially challenged youth….a total of 446 youth
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SIROM Walk The Talk 2015 “Men & Women Unite to Stop Violence Against Women”
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Soroptimist International Damansara Charity Movie 2016 Movie screening “Pete’s Dragon”
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